Greetings and salutations to all you party people and welcome to TV-Club!

If you’re wondering what in the world this has to do with television, you may be surprised to learn that you won’t find any cameras or flatscreens here. TV stands for Tierproduktion, meaning animal production or livestock farming and Veterinärmedizin, meaning veterinary medicine. The name was chosen by the original founders, who were students from both subjects. But enough with the history lesson! What TV does best, and what we’re best known for, is throwing parties. We’ve been at it for almost 50 years and are looking forward to celebrating the club’s birthday in 2020.

Every Thursday, we open our doors and supply what everyone needs for a good time: a variety of DJs, two dance floors, and a mix of pop, chart toppers, rock, and oldies for you to bust a move to. Of course we have to mention our special events, where there’s always something new to hear (and dance to). In the winter semester, doors open at 8 pm. In the summer semester, we kick off at 7 pm with our outdoor seating and cocktail bar. But regardless of the season, the real party always kicks off at 10 pm sharp.

The early bird catches the worm. Those who arrive before 10 pm don’t have to pay admission, but also won’t receive a stamp on the hand for reentry. In other words: if you enter for free, you stay for free. 😉

Those who leave the club after 10 pm and return later have to pay admission like everyone else. The exact amount is varied and appropriately reflects the income level of our guests.

Those of you who are unmotivated or unable to enter at no cost, be forewarned: the early still bird catches the worm. Admission ends at 1 am sharp! Afterwards, no one is allowed entry, even if you say please.

DON’T FORGET YOUR ID! No ifs, ands, or buts: to gain entry, you MUST present valid (!) photo identification!

But don’t worry, that’s not all! Not only do we provide the music and space to let loose, we also offer a variety of appropriate beverages and snacks to boot. With our friendly staff running two indoor bars, an outdoor (weather-permitting) cocktail bar, and grill, there’s something for every person and preference. From shots to beers to mixed drinks, we have whatever floats your boat. The outdoorsy types will feel right at home lounging in our cozy outdoor area. If you need to take a break or catch your breath, you can head there for some fresh air, or show off your skills with a round of foosball (table football) in the front bar area. If you’re feeling peckish, then make your way to our outdoor grill. Regardless of the season, our grill masters are there and ready to provide a variety of tasty midnight snacks.

Unsatisfied? Want to plan your own party or event? No problem! We are available for private bookings. Regardless of the celebration and headcount, we are more than happy to provide the location for your occasion on arrangement. You can either inquire in person or use our contact form.

Come by and see for yourself what TV is all about! We’ll make it worth your while.

See you next Thursday. 😉

<3 Your TV-Team